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Environmental Protection Consulting Company Chicago, IL - I.C.E. Inc.

Professional Environmental Protection Consulting Company based in Chicago, IL

Environmental Protection Consulting Company Chicago, IL - I.C.E. Inc.

As you begin your next construction project, it’s important to ensure you’re staying eco-friendly. That’s why our environmental protection consulting company based in Chicago, IL, is here to assist you in keeping your project safe. When you turn to us, you can expect a quick and responsive service from our knowledgeable personnel.

Here at I.C.E. Inc., we pride ourselves on providing project managers, supervisors, chemists, and professional engineers with comprehensive environmental consulting solutions. With our help, you can complete your project without harming the world around you. Everyone on our team possesses the OSHA-required 40-hour hazardous materials and safety training. We utilize the proper protection equipment necessary to assist you with your needs, from asbestos inspection to waste removal.

Comprehensive Environmental Consulting Services

We understand the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly project, which is why we strive to only provide services that are in strict accordance with local, state, and federal EPA and OSHA rules and regulations. Our approach to remediation services gives you access to the most cost-effective environmental consulting services available. Contact I.C.E. Inc. for a wide variety of solutions, including:

• Underground Storage Tank Removal • Pipe and Tank Cleaning Services
• PCB Techxtract Decontamination Service • Laboratory Packaging Services
• Air Monitoring/Industrial Hygiene Services • Sampling and Analytical Services
• Plant Closure and Decontamination • Waste Disposal Services
• Environmental Training Services • Site Assessments Phases I and II
• Transportation Services • Asbestos Abatement Services
• Complete Remedial Services


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