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Environmental Protection Consulting Company Chicago, IL - I.C.E. Inc.

Environmental Protection Services in Chicago, IL

Move forward with your next renovation or remediation project with confidence when you begin your journey with a call to I.C.E. Inc. and our team of specialists. We are eager to discuss our recommendations and demonstrate to you the difference our environmental protection services in Chicago, IL, can make at your operation.

Through a combination of resources and experience, our technicians keep underground storage tanks and the pipe systems that connect them clean. Reach out to our team to discuss how our environmental remediation services can help you stay compliant while avoiding unnecessary downtime. 

Responsive Environmental Services

We are ready to deploy our resources to ensure your site is compliant and capable of continuous operation. Our group has the testing capacity needed for soil analysis, and we can recommend a process for waste removal near you. We offer a comprehensive approach that our clients appreciate.

The Right Environmental Consultant

Before you proceed with the removal of an underground tank, talk with our consultant and learn about your options. We can recommend cleaning and coordinating with the appropriate permitting agencies about your best move going forward.

We go the extra mile to ensure the information we provide to you is reliable and prompt as well. Start a conversation with our consulting team today.