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Environmental Protection Consulting Company Chicago, IL - I.C.E. Inc.

Environmental Remediation Services based in Chicago, IL availabe Nationwide.

Production doesn’t just create the intended products; it also creates waste that, if not correctly handled, can end up causing significant damage to the environment. That is why the government has set up many different laws and regulations, ensuring that companies do not allow too much of this contamination to enter the soil, groundwater, or surface water. 

So, as a company, how do you handle this waste to make sure you are within the legal threshold? The answer is to work with the team at I.C.E. Inc. We provide comprehensive environmental remediation services throughout the United States

With our services, industrial, commercial, and residential clients are able to better understand the contamination threats they are facing and then receive the solutions they need to handle them. Contact our environmental consulting group today to receive services for underground storage tanks, asbestos, groundwater remediation, and mold remediation.

We know that, with services from our remediation experts, you will be able to get any contamination in or around your property corrected. This will lead to better health for you, the people that are on your property, and the environment as a whole.