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Underground Storage Tanks from Chicago, IL

One of Our Underground Storage Tanks in Chicago, IL

You can rely on I.C.E. Inc. if you need underground storage tanks anywhere Nationwide. With more than 36 years of experience, the staff at I.C.E. Inc. has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you keep the environment from being damaged during your project. Contact us at (877) 613-6431 to speak with one of our professionals today about our environmental consulting services.

Pipe & Tank Cleaning Services
I.C.E. Inc. cleans all sizes of underground and aboveground tanks and pipes. Utilizing our sand jet pipe cleaning service, which is a process that uses a low-pressure mixture of nitrogen and sand, we are able to give your tank the deep clean it requires.

Underground Storage Tank Removal
Remove your old underground storage tanks with the help of I.C.E. Inc. We perform all of the soil surveys and analysis for confirmation of contamination of cleanliness of soil conditions before removing and disposing of your tank. Additionally, we obtain all of the necessary permits required by state and local authorities.

Sampling & Analytical Services
The trained technicians at I.C.E. Inc. provide liquid and soil sampling services, including lead sampling, using strict chain-of-custody procedures. You can trust our team to only use state-certified laboratories for our analytical reports to ensure you get the most accurate results possible.
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